Product Description

Songwriter Production is the production of one song. That song will be provided to The Phillips Project LLC by the songwriter in the form of a prerecorded version of the song. It must be a vocal take accompanied by an instrument, preferably guitar or piano. The Phillips Project LLC will produce, record, edit, tune vocals, mix, and master the song to a final production that can be pitched to a record label, musician, band, or sold as a record. The music will be created by hired musicians and will be recorded in our facility. The songwriter production is a per song rate.

Artist EP is typically the same process as the songwriter demo except much more time is spent producing and engineering the music. Using hired musicians or providing your is also an option. The EP will be recorded in our facility and worked on until the clients needs are meet. This production is based on a per song rate.

Orchestral Compositions are available and are written as a custom piece of music for a commercial, film, or orchestra. The compositions are written in Sibelius. It has the option to be preformed by live musicians or with a sample library and mixed to a final production. The orchestral composition rate is based on the minutes of a production.

Film Production consists of any of the following, ADR, sound design, foley, editing, mixing (up to 5.1), or mastering for a video production. The client will provide a quick time video file to The Phillips Project LLC along with spotting notes and description of the sound or emotions that need to be conveyed in film. This can be a very intense and exciting process.

Live sound consist of setting up and mixing live music for events and venues. Typically sound systems are provided but other arrangements can be made for a client. This is offered to anyone needing professional live mixing.

Tech work is available on LED curtains, patch bay, & cables. This service is to help install, maintain, and repair minor components in a studio or live show setting.

Custom Rates & Packages are available by request